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  1. SF-Suit (D-575) SF-Suit (D-575)

    SF-Suit (D-575)

    Design no:575

    Color: Golden

    Regular Price: PKR9,650.00

    Special Price PKR6,755.00

  2. D-13140 (Garden Sherwani) D-13140 (Garden Sherwani)

    D-13140 (Garden Sherwani)

    Garden Sherwani Jamawar Fabric    (Reular Fit)  Sherwani
    Design no:13140
    Colour: Grey Golden

    Regular Price: PKR17,500.00

    Special Price PKR8,750.00

  3. D-13059 Kurta D-13059 Kurta

    D-13059 Kurta

    Poem Casual Kurta   : 1 piece
    Style    Regular
    Design no 13059
    Color     Mehandi Green
    Fabric        Cotton Silk

    Regular Price: PKR2,850.00

    Special Price PKR1,852.00

  4. D-11232 Kurta D-11232 Kurta

    D-11232 Kurta

    Berlin Formal kurta : 1 piece
    Style    Smart Fit
    Design no 11232
    Color     Olive
    Fabric    Georgette

    Regular Price: PKR6,550.00

    Special Price PKR2,620.00

  5.  LG 703 Front Open Frock  LG 703 Front Open Frock

    LG 703 Front Open Frock

    Jacquard Panel Front Open Frock :2 Piece
    Design no :       LG 703
      Fabric :            Cotton Jacquard
      Color :             Ice Blue & Tea Pink
    Panel front open sky blue jacquard frock comes with tea pink and gold dyed dupttaa embellished with pearls buttons

    Regular Price: PKR5,650.00

    Special Price PKR4,520.00

  6. OW 694

    Karandi  Peshwas With Jacquard Dupatta: 2 piece Evening wear

    Design no: OW 694
    Color:  Off white & Gold
    Fabric: Khaddar

    Khaddar Peshwas encorporated with jacquard bodice embellished with floral zari motif hand worked and embroidered buttons. Lace detailing on the edge of peshwash.

    Also consisting of embroidered jacquard sleeves.

    Look different with jacquard dupatta.

  7. SG-686 Evening Wear SG-686 Evening Wear

    SG-686 Evening Wear

    Jacquard 10 Kalis Front Open Frock :2 Piece
      Design no :       SG 686
      Fabric :            Jacquard
      Color :             Turquoise and Gold
    This classic turquoise and gold jacquard panel front open frock  feature with fawn banarsi jacquard dupatta embellished with embroidered buttons.

    Regular Price: PKR6,350.00

    Special Price PKR5,080.00

  8. D-10360 Kurta D-10360 Kurta

    D-10360 Kurta

    Brown Chap Kurta   : 1 piece

    Style    Smart Fit

    Design no  10360
    Color     Brown
    Fabric    Georgette  

    Regular Price: PKR5,750.00

    Special Price PKR2,300.00

  9. D-10727 Kurta D-10727 Kurta

    D-10727 Kurta

    Bis C-Kurta 

    Style    Regular Fit

    Design no   10727
    Color     Pearl  white
    Fabric     Pure Cotton  

    Regular Price: PKR2,700.00

    Special Price PKR1,080.00

  10. D-12942  Kurta D-12942  Kurta

    D-12942 Kurta

    Miracle Formal kurta

    Style    Regular Fit

    Design no   12942
    Color     White 
    Fabric     Cotton Silk

    Regular Price: PKR7,750.00

    Special Price PKR6,200.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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